Top 5 beginner tips for Black Ops Cold War

Top 5 beginner tips for Black Ops Cold War

Top 5 beginner tips for Black Ops Cold War

Black Ops Cold War is an FPS video game released by Activision in 2020. Treyarch and Raven Software developed it.

It is the 6th installment in the Black Ops franchise and 17th overall in the Call of Duty franchise. Since Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops Cold War is the second game co-developed by these two studios. On November 13, 2020, it was released globally for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X Xbox Series S.

In 1981, former Green Beret Russell Adler, who later became a CIA SAD/SOG operative, tried to stop a USSR extremist group. The story takes place in East Berlin, Vietnam, Turkey, and the Soviet KGB headquarters and is based on historical events.

The multiplayer fps video game, Black Ops Cold War, has specific tips and tricks that players can use for as long as they can go. This guide will teach you how to survive and excel in the game.

Beginner tips for Black Ops Cold War

1. Handle enemy unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

Everyone starts with default loadouts and scorestreaks. It’s almost certain that a never-ending swarm of UAVs is summoned to the map. The location of the enemy on the map is revealed by UAVs, making it considerably easier to hunt down and eliminate a target.

Choose your loadout with a lock-on launcher, take them out of the sky and most importantly, gain some extra XP to unlock new gear! This strategy guarantees a lot of XP early on in the game, allowing you to level up quickly and not reveal your location to the opposing side.

2. Sprinting

This may not seem like good advice, but it is one of the basics many players neglect. Sprinting at the correct time might mean the difference between a few kills and a rage-inducing killcam display.

Most of the time, the most significant moment to sprint is when you have a clear perspective of what’s ahead of you and no sort of opposition to slow you down. Do not, under any circumstances, rush around a corner. There could be an adversary lurking on the opposite side, ready to dispatch you with ease.

3. Watch Your Back

Keep an eye on your back at all times using proximity mines, spy planes, and field mics, especially if you’re covering a static sight like a window. Always monitor the minimap, but also keep in mind that suppressors and Ghost Perk can prevent people from appearing.

This also works in reverse: if you have the opportunity to pursue an opponent charging down a lane by yourself, you should do it. For Black Ops Cold War hacks and cheats, visit

4. Know The Map

Learning the areas you’ll be fighting in from top to bottom is one of the most critical components for succeeding in a multiplayer game. In the Cold War, the same rule applied: learn the maps. There are typical routes, camping areas, blind corners, and view positions on each map.

You’ll notice your score climb with each round as you pre-sight routes you know someone will take or check corners you think someone will hang out in and prepare yourself beforehand to ambush them.

Some of these areas may become less effective as the maps grow more popular, but studying vantage points and knowing where to hide will keep you alive longer than rambling around aimlessly. Identifying your goals, setting your sights on those common corners, and maintaining your finger on the trigger will help you get some quick kills and stay alive for longer.

5. Upgrade Your Weapon

Cold War’s weapons will level up and get gorgeous skins and new attachments as you play the game and gain XP. The attachments are the most important aspect of this game. However, the skins are enjoyable for some quick bragging rights or to dress up your firearms with some glitter. Each one will boost your weaponry differently, which is the key to customizing your gear to your play style.

Certain attachments will take precedence for you, depending on how soon you need to switch from sprinting to aiming. Many of these attachments require some dedication to unlock, so plan ahead for when you’ll receive the equipment you desire and prioritize where you spend your time.

You don’t want to heavily level a gun that isn’t suited to your playstyle in the hopes of subsequently slathering it with attachments. Instead, focus on making the ones that already work better. If you like how an attachment works on one gun, you’ll probably like it on another.


With these tricks in hand, you would be able to slice through the competition and make some good strides toward those scoring streaks. Experimenting with various load-outs will help you find your style and equipment so you can get the most out of each match. All of these should result in some easy wins in the future.