How to Get Better At PC Gaming?

PC Gaming

Do you know PC gaming has many benefits over consoles, like installing mods and high-quality graphics? But it is up to you to optimize your PC for better gaming performance. There are multiple PC configurations that a player can have.

You can take the help of the best cheats provider that gives you the best game software for your computer. It offers readable guides and support in English to avoid decoding the explanation. However, many things can slow your PC down. For example, malware or virus and too many background programs running.

Tackling such issues is vital to enhance game speed. So, here are the some of the best and recommended ways to get better at PC gaming!

PC Gaming

Update graphic drivers

Graphics card manufacturers always ensure that new and popular games run smoothly on their hardware. Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA keep on releasing drivers with improvements on their cards.  So, downloading and installing the latest drivers for your card to enhance performance is critical.

You will have the option to download the latest drivers from the manufacturer’s website for your graphics card.

Reduce screen resolution

Do you know higher resolutions increase the number of the pixels that your graphics card needs to render?  It can reduce your FPS significantly. Ideally, you should run games at a similar resolution as your screen.

However, if you find it challenging to maintain sufficient FPS after reducing the game settings, the best way is to reduce screen resolution. Almost every game has an option to reduce screen resolution in the video settings menu.

Make the screen brighter

Many games are deliberately made a bit dark or muddled to provide contrast and help colours stand out. Here is the trick. If you are playing an FPS and want to spot someone, try to adjust brightness on PC.

But do not make it too bright as it will not fulfil the purpose. Yes, it can take away some game looks, but it is for those who wish to have an edge in the game.

Check in-game options

Every game has a set of configuration options, and you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with the possibilities. The settings can make a remarkable difference to the game. You can find the settings easily for the game as they are not difficult to trace.

You can mostly find them on the game’s opening splash screen. You can change options like shadow quality, screen resolution, and maximum refresh rate.

Turn down music

You may not realize that if you listen to loud music while playing, a part of the brain listens to the music instead of focusing on the game. So, turn off the music. But if the game has an option to mix sound levels, turn up the sound effects and turn down the music.

Sound effects can give you an extra sense and increase your reactions while playing. You can wear quality headphones to eliminate additional noise.

Buy a comfortable mouse

Having a mouse or controller that is easy and comfortable to use can affect your game significantly. Many gamers make the mistake of assuming that they have to use the same mouse that came in the box. However, you can try out a mouse or controller that you find convenient to use.

It is because comfort translates directly to the way you play the game. Try out a mouse that fits the most in your hand.

Clean some disk data

Games handle massive data as you move into the gaming world. So, it is better to free up more and more disk space. If you have lesser storage space on your PC, you might notice that games struggle and eventually slow down. Make sure you have plenty of space on your hard drive to have a smooth gaming session. Remove or uninstall games, files, and applications that you no longer use to enjoy the gaming benefits.

Close background processes

You should run as few programs as possible in the background while playing games. It will take up precious CPU, RAM, GPU resources, and internet bandwidth. You can close down non-gaming programs from the taskbar on the PC.

Similarly, getting an email notification while in a game can affect your concentration. So, do not forget to mute the notifications to play safely.


That is all! Being good at PC gaming is about updating software and technicalities and removing distractions, and increasing focus. Following the above tips will help you get better at PC gaming. Happy gaming!