Top 5 Best Gaming Titles For Horse Racing Fans

best gaming titles for horse racing

Horse racing is a sport with billions of fans and yet is far less popular in the gaming world. To be honest, horse-racing games don’t pose that much of a challenge for players. Yes, they are entertaining, but can quickly become boring due to the repetitive gameplay.

Maybe that’s why there are a lot fewer horse racing games compared to other sports.

But don’t lose hope. If you are someone that wants to try a horse racing simulator game, where they can experience what is like to become a racehorse owner, there are a couple of brilliant gaming titles for horse racing in the market.

These games are interesting just because they offer a different angle to the sport. An angle that we are not used to seeing as spectators. These games dive into more complicated things like breeding, taking care of horses, stable management, finances, and of course racing.

1. Phar Lap: Horse Racing Challenge

PikPok is a company that specializes in horse racing games, so we can expect a lot from Phar Lap. This game carries the name of a legendary horse, but is the game as spectacular as the champion?

Well, it is not a perfect game, but most definitely one of the best ones centered around horse racing. The graphics are where Phar Lap is set apart from its competition. Most other horse racing games have poorly-made graphics that will bring you back to the 20th century.

With Phar Lap, you won’t get graphics like Red Dead Redemption 2, but they are quite decent and realistic.

This game is only available for consoles and mobile platforms and has been released in 2019. On top of that it features many different aspects of horse racing like breeding, racing, stable management, and online multiplayer.

2. Rival Stars Horse Racing

Is it a coincidence that the first two best horse racing titles come from the same developer? Well, as we mentioned before, PikPok is the pioneer of the horse racing gaming industry, and they are quite dominant.

Rival Stars Horse Racing is available for both PC and mobile users on Google play and Apple store, and it is quite popular at the moment. The gameplay is quite different than Phar Lap. It is more aimed towards casual players, which isn’t a bad thing.

You inherit a ranch from your grandfather, and your job is to take care of it. You’ll manage the business, bring money to support renovations and staff costs, and much more.

The racing part is also quite good, and the graphics are visually pleasing.

3. Winners Post 10

The Winner’s Post series is also responsible for carrying the horse racing gaming passion over the years. This is also one of the latest horse racing games on the market, and it is developed by Tecmo Koei Games, so there is a lot to expect.

This is probably one of the most realistic horse racing simulator games that covers every aspect of the sport. From different breeds to horse care and management to finances and fast-paced racing.

The game also has a system where you can analyze past performances of all contenders in a race. Just like TwinSpires allows you to check for Derby results, this game allows you to do your research and make the best decision on which race to pick.

What makes Winners Post 10 special is the actual racing gameplay. Where most games lack creativity, Winners Post 10 features an engaging racing segment, where you actually need to control your horse, manage its stamina, and get a perfect start.

In other words, you are the jockey that can make or break the race.

4. Champion Jockey: H1 Jockey & Gallop Racer

Yes, the name is quite long, but the game isn’t. This is another game developed by Tecmo Koei, and even though it was released quite a long time ago, it is still a good game if you are up for some retro games.

Considering the game’s age, you cannot expect high-end graphics. But it is safe to say that the gameplay is quite entertaining, and it is a game focused on building a career in the horse racing industry.

With each race you earn points, which allows you to ride more prestigious and faster horses. You can also build relationships with other stables and make a name for yourself in the horse racing industry.

The best thing about this game is its complexity. It is not a simple horse racing game that you can complete as fast as you think. It actually takes time, focus, and dedication to complete all objectives & levels. If you’re not sure how to play, here’s a video that demonstrates the gameplay on PS3.

5. Starters Orders 7 Horse Racing

Starters Orders is a long-running series, and its seventh installment is one of the greatest games for horse racing enthusiasts. It is a fun loving game, mostly positive reviews keep you entertained for hours at a time.

At first appearance, the game seems to be a lot easier than the previous games we’ve looked at. You may race, breed, train, and own horses to expand your stables, and you can even trace an individual horse’s history back over a century.

The game focuses mostly on breeding and pedigree, with the goal of producing the greatest horses capable of winning the most races. It’s an excellent experience for horse racing enthusiasts.

The game’s advanced AI and realistic physics engine ensure a challenging and authentic experience, while the robust multiplayer options enable you to race against other horse racing enthusiasts from around the world.

Final Words

Even though the world of horse racing gaming isn’t on the level we want it to be, these are some of the best gaming titles that every horse racing enthusiast should try to experience the thrill of the race!

They offer engaging gameplay, and an opportunity to learn more about horse racing as a sport and all the things that are happening behind the curtains.

Whether you’re a seasoned horse racing enthusiast or new to the sport, these games will introduce you to the fascinating world of horse racing. They allow you to fulfill your passion for horses and horse racing. You can feel the thrill of horses running at full speed and the frantic finale at the end of the race.

This might be helpful on your next session when picking the potential winners of a real-world race.