WhatsApp Tips and Tricks You Should Know

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks Android

WhatsApp is one of the best mobile messaging apps. There are some useful features that you must use to take your messaging experience to the next level. So guys pick up your Android phone and apply these simple WhatsApp Tips and Tricks like a pro and turn yourself into a messaging master!

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks Android5 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks for Android

#1.  How to Change your language in WhatsApp

WhatsApp supports a lot of regional languages. So if want to select an appropriate language then you can easily change it via the App setting option. You can change your default language into any other regional language.

So to change the language, Open the WhatsApp and Tap on The Three Dotes. Later select the following options step-by-step:

  • Go to Setting –> Chats -> App Language
  • Tap on App language and Select your regional language ( Hindi, Urdu, etc). You can also choose the phone’s language!

#2.  How to Use PIN Chats in WhatsApp

PIN Chat in WhatsApp is an interesting feature allows you to PIN up to the 3 favorite  specific chats on your chat tab. Pinned chats will always stay at the top so you can quickly find them.

This option is best for those who don’t want to miss any update from a specific friend, family member or group.

To enable this option, just open the chat tab on WhatsApp and Tap & hold the chat you wish to pin. By doing this, a Pin icon will appear on the top of screen.

Just tap on the Pin icon to Pin a chat.

That’s it!

You can pin up to three specific chats!

#3. Sending Broadcasting Message to WhatsApp

Broadcast messages might have taken a hit in popularity after the Introduction of WhatsApp Group Feature. But, it is still one of the best ways to send public messages to your contacts privately.

Broadcast messages are only received by contacts that have your mobile number saved.

For sending broadcast message on Android, Open the WhatsApp and Select Chats Tab > Tap on 3 dots( Menu) > New Broadcast.

Now select the contact names to choose recipients from your contact list.

Tap on Done. This will create a new list of broadcast recipients. Now whenever you send a message to broadcast list, it will be delivered to all recipients at once.

#4. Highlighting Message on WhatsApp

On WhatsApp, you can easily highlight the particular word in BOLD, ITALICS, AND STRIKETHROUGH format.

If you want to send BOLD, ITALIC and STRIKETHROUGH Text on Whatsapp, then you have to type following special characters with your text also.

  • Type ASTERISK(*) on both sides.  The particular word will get Bold.
  • Type UNDERSCORE(_) on both sides, the particular word will get ITALIC.
  • And type TILDES(~) on both sides of the word, the particular word will get STRIKETHROUGH.

#5. How to HIDE your Status on WhatsApp

If you want to hide your status on WhatsApp, then you can easily change the status privacy on WhatsApp.

Select the Status Tab > Tap on 3 Dots > Status Privacy > and here you can choose your particular persons to see your status.

So guys these were some simple WhatsApp Tips and Tricks.

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