When You Should Replace A Phone Battery

5 Signs that shows When You Should Replace A Phone Battery

Our daily lives these days are centered around our phones. We use our phones to get information, stay connected with friends and family, and even entertain ourselves. So when our phones no longer function optimally, it can be inconvenient.

To ensure that things keep running smoothly, your device will need regular maintenance. The battery is an important component of your phone that requires attention. Knowing when to replace phone battery can save you from a lot of frustration. But how do you know when you should replace a phone battery? Here’s what to look out for:

1. Battery Health Indicators

Many smartphones come with built-in battery health checkers. To check the health of iPhones like the iPhone 11 Pro Max battery, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. A display of your battery’s health, including the maximum capacity, will appear. If the battery capacity falls below 80%, Apple recommends considering a battery replacement.

On Android, the method can vary depending on the phone model. However, you will find battery information in Settings > Battery. Similar to the iPhone, Samsung, OnePlus, Redmi, Realme, Motorola recommends replacing the battery when its capacity is below 80%. Third-party battery health apps are also available on the Google Play Store and notify you about when is right to replace phone battery.

2. Rapid Battery Drain

Are you constantly reaching for the charger? If your phone needs a refuel more than once a day, even with moderate use, it might be time for a battery upgrade.  Or, if your phone battery drains from 100% to 20% in a matter of hours, even with minimal use, it is one of common signs that your phone battery needs to be replaced as the phone battery is no longer holding a charge as it should.

3. Reduced Phone Performance

One sure sign your battery may need replacement is reduced phone performance. Does your phone shut down even when it shows 20% or 30% battery remaining? Are apps taking a longer time to load? Is the overall response sluggish? If the answer is yes, then these are common signs of a failing battery.

As batteries get older, they can no longer provide a stable power supply, leading to reduced performance or unexpected shutdowns. So replacing your phone battery is without a doubt a worthwhile decision!

4.   Battery Swelling

A swollen battery is a serious issue that requires immediate attention. If you notice your phone case starting to bulge, it’s likely due to battery swelling. Some parts of the lithium-ion battery degrade over time, releasing a gas that builds pressure inside, causing the battery to swell. This is a safety hazard as the phone battery might explode, and in such cases, stop using your phone and replace the battery as soon as possible.

5.   Overheating

Phones tend to heat up with continuous use, but excessive heating can indicate a battery problem. If your phone becomes hot to the touch even when you’re not doing anything intensive, it might be a sign that the battery is struggling and needs to be replaced. Hence go to the nearest mobile care center and buy a genuine battery. This will solve overheating issue and you will get long battery life.

Bottom Line

Whenever you feel that your phone’s battery is draining fast after charging, it means your phone needs a new battery. Based on whether it’s a low-cost, mid-range, or flagship smartphone, the price of the battery will vary between ₹1500-₹5999 ($20-$89), and you will also get a 6-month warranty!

After deciding that your battery needs replacement, you can replace it yourself if you are tech-savvy and have the right tools. Otherwise, visit a professional for a new installation. Even with a new battery, there are ways to make it last longer.

Avoid constantly letting it completely drain, keep your phone out of extreme temperatures, and turn off features you don’t use regularly. Keeping an eye on your phone’s battery health can save you from unexpected inconveniences. It will ensure your device remains a reliable tool in your daily life.