7 Ways To Make Your Gadgets Eco Friendly

Gadgets Eco Friendly

Everyone knows that their gadget or gadgets release lots of heat energy while using for the short or long period of time. The energy your gadget releases, warms up the environment near to you and using these gadgets continuously is also a cause of global warming. So how can we make our gadgets Eco friendly not totally but some percentage? How can we contribute to lower down the heat or energy of our gadgets? You will get 7 ways to do this in this post.

It’s true, we can’t stop using these high technology devices but we can change the way of using. If we change the little way of using then we can easily save the number of resources and hence we can make our environment heat free. So here are some tips that can make our gadgets Eco friendly.

Gadgets Eco Friendly

How We Can Make Our Gadgets Eco Friendly?

It doesn’t matter which type of gadget we use, but what matters is how we use it. So if we are using smartphone or laptop or tablet (TV – LCD/LED etc.), we should keep these tips in mind….

1.) Reduce The Screen Brightness Or Prefer Fewer Colors:

Maximum screen brightness consumes more energy and reduces gadget life. So keep the level of brightness and color contrast less. Their is a feature named “Auto Brightness” smartphones and tablets are providing. You can use this feature.

2.) Turn off the Gadget When It’s Not in Use:

Sometimes we use the device without any reason (Laptop / TV). So it’s better, be human and turn the device off and save an ample of valuable energy resource. If you do not want to turn off your device like smartphone or tablet, just put the device on battery saving mode because this feature saves a lot of energy by closing or stopping the unwanted and unneeded applications.

3.) Avoid the FULL HD Content:

Many people around the world like the FULL HD content, but seriously it consumes a lot of powers and resources. Why? Because a full HD content need more memory space than HD content and hence the FULL HD content (Videos) needs more power to run. So if you want to save the environment then you have to compromise with Quality!

4.) Properly Close the Program Time to Time:

If you are using android devices like smartphones, tablets then don’t forget to close the program. In android devices, many programs run in the background. So close all of them time to time, it will save your phone battery a lot.

5.) Keep Device in Ventilated Area:

One of the biggest problems of energy consumption is — the area. If the area isn’t ventilated then the device gets heated and to keep itself cool, the device consumes more power (to run cooling fan, in the case of laptop, UPS, desktop’s CPU). So it’s better, always use the device in proper ventilate or cool areas.

6.) Always Try to Buy LED Built Display Devices:

LED displays consume less energy than other displays. So it is highly recommended that always prefer the LED display devices. If you don’t know then for the record, I want to guide you that a gadget display consumes more memory than other things.

7.) Keep Mobile Data off When It’s Not in Use:

Sometimes, we forgot to turn the internet off and hence it consumes battery and data. So if you don’t have need internet, then turn it off. This will not save the energy sources but also save your money 😀 .

These are some tips to make you gadget/gadgets Eco friendly. If you have something in your mind or you want to share some more, please comment below or contact us with the article’s link. We will add you valuable tip in this post!

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