Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S9 – Full Comparison

Galaxy S8 vs S9 full comparison

Samsung’s new flagship smartphone Galaxy S9 is packed with new features like dual aperture camera, AR Emoji, Live Translation and an Intelligent Scan.   It is the latest and till date best model in the S series. Have a look at Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S9 full comparison including the price details below.

Galaxy S8 vs S9 full comparisonSamsung Galaxy S8 vs S9 Comparison

Here are some small but key changes which make the Samsung Galaxy S9 tougher than the Galaxy S8, making it less likely to smash if it takes a tumble.

#1. The Galaxy S9 has Thicker Front Glass

The glass on the front of the S9 is 20% thicker than the glass on the S8, which should make it more durable.

If you want to go in depth, the thickness value of the glass on S9 is 0.6T, while the S8 has glass with a thickness value of 0.5T, apparently.

#2. The Galaxy S9 has Stronger Sides

The rim around the edge of the Samsung Galaxy S9 has been created from a stronger form of aluminium than the sides of the S8 – AL 7003 aluminium on the S9 versus AL 6013 aluminium on the S8.

This change means that the chassis is less likely to deform if the phone is dropped, helping to protect that all-important glass from shattering.

#3. The Galaxy S9 has Thicker Sides

That aluminium rim isn’t just stronger; it’s thicker, too, by 0.2 mm. This minuscule increase in thickness, combined with the step-up in strength, means that 20% less shock is transferred from the metal to the glass when the phone is dropped.

These design changes make the Galaxy S9 a tiny bit thicker than the S8 – 0.5mm thicker to be precise. If you can tell the difference you should enter a ‘guess how thick this phone is’ competition.

If you’re really worried about dropping your shiny new S9, though, you might want to invest in a case.

#4 The Galaxy S9 Dual Aperture Camera

The S9 supports a dual aperture camera lens to click better pictures in daylight and dark light conditions. The dual aperture supports F1.5 and F2.4 mode.

The changeable apertures work like a human eye. It’s able to automatically switch between different lighting conditions with ease—making your images look great whether it’s bright or dark, day or night.

While, in the Galaxy S8 you will see only single aperture lens i.e. F1.7. So as compared to S8 camera, Samsung also improved the minimum aperture value in galaxy S9. Which is Great!!

#5 The Galaxy S9 Intelligent Scan

Samsung increased the phone security in S9 by implementing Intelligent Scan feature. It is a new technology that combines face ID and Iris scan to make unlocking simple even in low light.

In addition to that,

CPU clock speed, AR Emoji, live translation, and placement of fingerprint sensor at better place are some bonus upgrades in S9 compared to S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs S9 Price

In the USA, the basic model of Galaxy S8 with 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage is priced at $599.99 only.

While, the company has priced $719.99 for Galaxy S9 4GB + 64GB!

You can Trade-in your old phone and buy these flagship smartphones online or offline via Samsung’s official stores.

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